The Price Of Headshots & Selecting Your Headshot Photographer

The Price Of A Headshot & Selecting Your Headshot Photographer

What is a headshot going to cost you? When selecting a headshot photographer you have many options to choose from! Like any market you have your low end and your high end and yes you get what you pay for with headshots! Going with an inexperienced or multi-genre photographer you are taking a risk of bad poses lighting poor editing and overall bad headshot experience. These photographers usually work out of their mom’s garage and are priced between $50- $75 they give you a CD of less then desirable images with horrific triple chin poses and will no doubt leave you wishing you had saved your time and money!

In going with the headshot specialist who operates out of a professional studio and has a stunning portfolio with scores of great online reviews you ultimately made the proper decision! The average price of professional headshots is around $300 this will usually include 1-3 final images expert coaching poses lighting and excellent overall experience!

Many agencies and acting schools will provide a list of headshot photographers upon request. Look to Google Reviews Yelp and other referral sources to ensure others have had a great experience and results! I would caution using third party companies like Craigslist the photographers on these platforms tend to be inexperienced. Your best bet is to ask around and do a Google search for your local area headshot specialists. Best of luck in your quest and remember you get what you pay for!

Ryan Tiehen