Top 5 Tips for Incredible Headshots

Top 5 Tips for Incredible Headshots

So you have made the decision to get professional headshots taken! You have picked out the perfect headshot photographer, sifting through countless websites… I am willing to bet the next question you ask yourself is, what do I wear to my headshot session? No need to fear I have put together a top 5 tips for success and what to wear for headshots! The list below is the go to resource for my clients and a variation of this headshot preparation guide gets emailed out to each and every headshot client that books with me! Keep these headshot tips in mind when preparing and selecting clothing for your next headshot session, these will all work perfect for actors, corporate and business professionals alike!

1. Avoid Busy Distracting Prints

The focus is you not your zebra printed shirt. The attention should be on you. The clothes should do their best to avoid drawing attention to themselves. Your headshot session is not the time to bust out the bold distracting prints.

2. Go for the Fitted Look

Everyone wants to look thin in their headshot. The easiest way to look bigger than you are in a headshot is to wear a jacket that doesn’t fit or has large shoulder pads.

3. Look The Part

Gone are the days that being a professional required wearing a tie to work. Dress to the formality of a business meeting in your industry. If it’s appropriate, skip the tie.

4. Jewelry Distracts

Keep the jewelry to a minimum. Stud earrings are acceptable and if you feel you must wear a necklace go with something structured like a pearl. Just keep it short so that it doesn’t intersect with the neckline of your top.

5. Solid Muted Tones Work Wonderfully

When in doubt, go black, or grey. They’re staples for a reason. If you have a color you feel you look great in, bring it. Red is the only color I feel most people have a hard time pulling off.

Ryan Tiehen